A week of webinars at AVASK

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AVASK are always looking for new ways to help our clients with valuable information on e-commerce and other related topics. That is why we maintain a steady schedule of webinars to help communicate the latest updates in an efficient but digestible manner.

This week, we are sponsoring and hosting a number of webinars, the details of which are as follows:

15th June:

Retail Web’s Amazon Digital Day

We are proud to sponsor this insightful session, hosted by Retail Web, all about helping you achieve your selling goals on Amazon. While it is a full day of engaging and informative talks from a wide range of industry experts, our very own Candice Porter is joining a panel at 2:35pm AEST (5:35am BST | 12:35am EDT) to discuss women in e-commerce and how they are making their mark on Amazon’s platform.

Be sure to catch the session here: https://events.retailglobal.com/digital-day-amazon-session-navigator

Advanced Strategies for Global Ecommerce Success

With Amazon adding so many new countries to its service, now is a great time to think about international growth. AVASK’s own Melanie Shabangu joins a panel of e-commerce experts for a truly unmissable webinar: Advanced Strateges for Global Ecommerce Success. Topics include:

  • Amazon marketplaces with the most top sellers
  • Your overall global strategy (dominate!)
  • Which marketplaces are next
  • Advanced international shipping logistics

Melanie will be joined by Liz Downing of Teikametrics, Pearl Ausch of First Choice Shipping, Jana Krekic of YLT Translations, and TJ Hyland from Payoneer. Be sure to reserve your place: https://go.teikametrics.com/global-panel-2021

15th June, 6pm BST | 1pm EDT | 10am PST

17th June:

The Global Expanders series is back for a special one-off webinar highlighting some of the best talent from the e-commerce community. This episode will focus on the successful women of e-commerce, who have built their brands and inspire other female entrepreneurs to start, grow, and expand their e-commerce businesses.

We are delighted to welcome extra special guests Melissa Simonson from Empowery, Kirsty Verity from REAL Amazon Coaching, Ashley Armstrong from Amaz Authority, and Amy Wees from Amazing at Home.

Book your place here: https://avaskgroup.zoom.us/webinar/register/2816236759462/WN_cSxGYyGkTXKTUvjKLr8gmQ

17th June, 6pm BST | 1pm EDT | 10am PST

Additionally, be sure to put the following dates for next week in your calendars:

23-25th June:

The One-Stop Shop

Whether you are based in the EU or not, the sweeping changes to VAT in the EU could impact your business. To help make sure you are prepared, we are hosting a webinar series to discuss these monumental changes in how VAT is assessed and collected.

Topics include:

  • What is OSS?
  • How will it affect your business?
  • AVASK’s ability to get you prepared for the changes

23rd, 24th, and 25th June, 6pm BST | 1pm EDT | 10am PST

24th June:

The Global Expanders 3, Episode 10

Despite being relatively new, cryptocurrencies are clearly here to stay. Get to grips with this exciting new form of payment with the next instalment of our Global Expanders webinar series. We are sitting down with Adryenn Ashley of Wow Is Me! and Izabela Hamilton of RankBell to discuss the basics of crypto.

Topics include:

  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • How to get started investing
  • Strategies for maximising your profits

24th June, 6pm BST | 1pm EDT | 10am PST

We hope to see you at these amazing events, and don’t forget that you can catch the latest information about our appearances by following us on social media!