Are you ready for Black Friday?

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Q4 is the most important time of year for any e-commerce seller, and it is already well underway. While for consumers the highlight of the quarter is typically the Christmas holidays, for retailers the crown jewel comes much earlier in the form of Black Friday and, to an increasing amount, Cyber Monday.

There are estimations that online Black Friday sales could grow by as much as 20% this year, to hit a staggering $17 billion. With such an important shopping event fast approaching, it is critical to be on top of it.

What is Black Friday?

It is thought that the origins of Black Friday, traditionally the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, referred to retailers’ ledgers moving ‘back into the black’ after weaker sales earlier in the year. This was because of the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving.

However, Black Friday was first mentioned in relation to retail in November 1951, when the journal Factory Management and Maintenance coined it in an article about American employees calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving for an extra day off work.

Ten years later, some local governments attempted to rename the shopping phenomenon to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday”, but this initiative met with failure. It was only much later that the ledger backstory emerged, possibly in an attempt to put a positive spin on the term.

How can AVASK help?

At AVASK, we want to help ensure that you are fully prepared to take full advantage of this busy period, and that is why we have put together an offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From 24 November until 30 November, we are offering a special promotion – click here to visit our Black Friday promotion and registration page.

The sooner you start the process, the better positioned you will be to provide your customers with excellent deals and seamless service. We are also available for a wide range of other services to help support your e-commerce business throughout Q4 and into the new year, so contact us to find out more!