AVASK partners with OFX

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At AVASK, we understand how important it is to create a seamless shopping experience for customers regardless of where they are globally. But the wide variety of different currencies and financial regulations can make this a daunting prospect, sometimes to the point of preventing e-commerce sellers from expanding their businesses.

That is why we are proud to announce our new partnership with OFX. Going forward, OFX will be able to provide our clients with multi-currency accounts for receiving payments in 7 major currencies including USD, EUR and GBP, and  frictionless global money transfers in over 55 currencies, helping to enable global business continuity.

OFX has been helping global businesses with their international payments for more than 20 years. With currency experts based in seven major cities globally, award winning technology, and 24/7 access to a live customer service team, OFX clients are empowered to transact across borders when, where and how they want. OFX works with businesses and consumers to plan with confidence and enjoy savings.

Melanie Shabangu, Tax Director and Partner at AVASK said: “We are delighted to be working with OFX and this exciting new partnership will ensure that the global e-commerce community can take advantage of some of the best currency conversion rates and quickest payment transfer services available in the market. AVASK clients will greatly benefit from our new partnership with OFX, as they will be able to receive payments from marketplaces, pay their VAT, and send or receive money in over 50 of the world’s most popular currencies.”

Both OFX and AVASK place supporting clients’ dreams of global expansion at the heart of their operations. With such close alignment the partnership was a natural step forward, and will benefit e-commerce sellers that do business with either company. 

Alfred Nader, President of North America for OFX says of the partnership “Empowering online sellers to successfully expand across borders is something we care very passionately about. That’s why we’re extremely excited to be partnering with AVASK, a premier firm of e-commerce accountants and tax experts that share that passion. In offering our Global Currency Account as a solution to AVASK clients, we can enable them receive and move money globally at game changing rates, helping them scale with ease.”

Please join us in welcoming them to our family of partners. You can learn more on their website or say hello to them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.