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Is 2022 the perfect year for you to plan an exit strategy for your business?

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Find out how AVASK can support you to negotiate the best possible deal when exiting your business. 2021 had seen an exponential growth in e-commerce sales.  With the pandemic opening consumers eyes to the ease and simplicity of online shopping, the demographic of online shoppers expanding, and many traditional brick …

HMRC’s additional Amazon VAT registration requests and how to navigate them

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The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped e-commerce landscapes in dramatic but often positive ways. In the UK, retail e-commerce saw a massive boost, particularly in categories like food and household goods. In 2020 alone, the market saw 46.5% year-over-year growth, and that trend has only continued. By 2025, experts expect e-commerce to …

Amazon Prime Day: selling opportunities for Sellers by AVASK

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Opportunities for Sellers

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It is official: Amazon Prime Day 2020 has finally been confirmed for 13th and 14th October. Back in July, Amazon postponed the popular shopping event following the record-breaking demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic and a subsequent strain on its fulfilment system. Now, after months of speculation and leaked dates, …