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Data reveals significant decrease in inheritance tax receipts

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Data published recently by HMRC has revealed that there has been a significant drop in inheritance tax (IHT) receipts. According to the data, HMRC collected £5.2 billion in IHT during 2019/20. This represents a decrease of 4% (£223 million) on 2018/19. The data covers the 2019/20 tax year and is …

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HMRC sets up scheme for loan charge refunds

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HMRC has published details on its refund scheme for taxpayers who made voluntary payments of income tax or national insurance prior to a change in the rules regarding the loan charge. The loan charge, which came into effect on 6 April this year, applies to anyone who used ‘disguised remuneration’ …

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HMRC scraps benefit-in-kind charge on coronavirus tests

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The government has scrapped plans to get workers to pay income tax on coronavirus (COVID-19) testing kits purchased by their employer. HMRC issued guidance on 6 July which outlined that COVID-19 testing kits were to be classified as a taxable benefit-in-kind. However, the Treasury Select Committee criticised this decision and …

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VAT cut on PPE extended

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The Treasury has extended the temporary scrapping of VAT on personal protective equipment (PPE) until the end of October. The decision comes after a temporary zero-rate of VAT was applied to PPE sales for an initial three months from 1 May to 31 July. The government previously removed import duties …