Growth Advisory Services: the ‘non-executive director’

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According to Clutch’s 2018 Small Business Survey, small businesses that try to handle everything in house may end up stretching themselves too thin. And yet the value of having an outside perspective is evident every time a project goes through a sign-off process, or even just asking a colleague to read an email before it is sent.

So why do so many entrepreneurs feel like they cannot ask for a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to their business? It may be a fear of corporate espionage, or a belief that nobody knows their business and their industry better than they do. But there are many benefits that outweigh these concerns.

Fresh eyes, fresh minds, fresh approaches

As we mentioned in our first instalment of this blog series, when you bring in a consultant you are taking advantage of several benefits. Many business owners have difficulty creating strategies that are based on evidence, data, and experience. Often times, the company devises its plans after consuming a lot of theory and taking a scattershot approach to see what works and what does not.

This plan also rarely takes into consideration the customer’s perspective. When you are too close to an issue, it can be difficult to truly solve it. Or as Albert Einstein put it, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

However, when you engage an expert consultant, they bring in many more years of experience in dealing with precisely the issues your business may be facing. Consultants have also seen the proven results of any number of solutions and can use this prior knowledge to avoid wasting time on approaches that cannot benefit you.

AVASK’s approach to benchmarking your business

In our previous blog series instalment, we talked about the first step of the process, the discovery phase. It is a series of calls where we delve into the company’s situation and assess the current operations as well as future goals.

The next phase, where we become a sort of ‘non-executive director’ for your company, starts to make use of this extensive research. Our growth experts start to put together a strategy based on extensive e-commerce experience and proven strategies for success. This fresh outsider perspective means we can consider things that might not have occurred to people closer to the issues, and provide you with a new path forward towards your goals.

The benefits of our ‘non-executive director’

When you engage AVASK for growth advisory services, we take a personal stake in your business and your success. Our e-commerce expansion experts will treat your business like their own, putting in the care and consideration you would expect of any stakeholder in your company. With our years of diverse experience and multilingual team of dedicated specialists, we help countless e-commerce sellers realise their dreams.

If you have any questions or concerns about benchmarking your business, get in Contact with us. Our team of e-commerce experts can assist with that and a range of other E-commerce Growth Advisory Services.