Intrastat Reporting

Intrastat reporting tracks the dispatches and arrivals of your goods in each EU country. From 1st January 2022, new requirements are being brought in by the EU to make this reporting mandatory.

What is Intrastat and what is changing?

Intrastat was introduced in the EU as a system to collect information on the trade of goods between the countries of the European Union. While this was introduced originally to provide statistics for the EU, more recently Intrastat has also been used to detect and combat VAT fraud in European countries.

From the 1st January 2022, new EU regulation 2019/2152 will come into effect. This new regulation mandates the reporting of country of origin information and the VAT number of the client for dispatches, or the supplier for arrivals.

Intrastat returns are due in every EU member state where the value of goods dispatched from or arrived to another EU country has exceeded the country's threshold. These thresholds can be checked on the AVASK European Marketplace Tax Guide pages.

How AVASK can help: 

Monitoring dispatches and arrivals thresholds within 27 EU markets can be tricky, but the reality is you will only need to monitor those countries where your goods are sold, stored or transiting through onto their final destination.

AVASK can monitor your requirements for Intrastat reporting throughout the EU on your behalf. We will automatically prepare your reports once you've exceeded each country's dispatch or arrival thresholds and file them with the appropriate authorities on your behalf

We will include the following mandatory information in each report:

  • Description of goods
  • Value of goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • Commodity codes and delivery terms of goods
  • Shipping costs
  • Departure and arrival country codes

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