VAT Advisory Services

Our dedicated team of VAT experts are ready to help you expand and grow your
e-commerce business.

To register? Or not to register?
That is the question...

If you have already started trading in Europe, then you will need to register for VAT:

  • when you are storing your goods in any EU country; or
  • when you are crossing a distance selling threshold (DST) in that country.

Each country in Europe has a different DST threshold, so staying on top of this and monitoring when you've crossed it can be tricky. It becomes even more difficult when you start trading in multiple countries.

The good news: If you are an engaged AVASK client, we will provide VAT advisory services that monitor those DSTs and will warn you when you're getting close to requiring VAT registration. Our automated software will precisely monitor your accounts and notify us at the correct time.

VAT Advisory Services

Helping you to become a global, multi-channel seller

AVASK is here to help you seize the opportunities to grow your business from a single platform into a multi-channel seller operating in different countries across the world, and in different currencies.

We can help you to forecast when your e-commerce business has achieved the sweet-spot, a time when it is ideal to grow and expand into new marketplaces and platforms. AVASK understands the difficulties that e-commerce sellers experience and we can help you to develop processes and systems to ensure your success.

We can help you with:

  • VAT Advisory Services
  • Cash management and sales forecasting
  • Advice and support on VAT registration, most suitable dates, countries and so on

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