VAT Registration

So you have decided to expand your e-commerce business overseas? Then now is the time to start talking to AVASK as you may start triggering VAT liabilities in other countries...

Why use AVASK?

It may seem like VAT registration is an easy thing to accomplish, but all is not as easy as it may initially seem.

To successfully register for VAT, you will need a number of key things, including knowledge of the country's tax laws, the procedure for registering and you may even need to speak the local language to deal with tax officers and enquiries.

The good news is that AVASK handle all of this on your behalf. We represent over 8,000 e-commerce clients in 50 countries and we speak over 20 of the world's most popular languages, so we talk your language and the language of the countries you want to register for VAT.

We offer a one-stop-shop approach to our international VAT services. You will always have a dedicated point of contact throughout the registration process as we believe that every business requires a bespoke hands-on solution and experience.

Your registration journey with AVASK

  • Your Enquiry

    As soon as you make your initial enquire, a member of the AVASK Business Development team will be in contact to discuss your requirements in more detail.

  • Application Form

    You will receive our application form, which you will need to complete. This will allow us to register you on our system and gather more information about your business.

  • Engagement Letter & Invoice

    We will send you our engagement letter, which allows us to act on your behalf with the various tax authorities. You will also receive our invoice for services.

  • Gathering Required Documentation

    Once you have signed our letter of engagement and paid our invoice, we will start gathering the documentation that we require in order to register your business for VAT in the different countries.

  • Submitting your Application

    We will submit your VAT registrations to each tax authority on your behalf. Depending on the authority, they may require additional documentation. We will manage this process on your behalf.

  • VAT Number goes live

    As soon as the VAT number goes live with the tax authority, we will let you know. If you've registered for VAT in multiple countries, the time to register will vary between the tax authorities. We will keep you updated.

We are conveniently located throughout the world:

While our Head Office is located in Southampton, United Kingdom, AVASK's global offices and partners are conveniently located throughout the world, which means we can look after your business' interests, regardless of location.

AVASK's global office network

Fiscal Representation:

In some counties, as a foreign company, you may be required to have a local tax representative located within that country to deal with your tax affairs on your behalf.

We have partners across mainland Europe, in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and Australia. Our global offices are located in the United Kingdom France, the United States of America and China.

AVASK's VAT Consultants, Accountants and Tax Experts are on-hand, waiting to assist your global expansion. Contact a member of the AVASK team today to continue your journey.

Contact us for further information

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