New additions to Amazon’s eligible countries list

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It is an exciting time for e-commerce sellers in many parts of the world. Amazon has been expanding its list of eligible countries for sellers to register in.

Over the last several months, 85 new countries have been added. The focus was predominantly in Central Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Notable additions include Pakistan, Uruguay, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

The agreements reached are expected to create numerous job opportunities and rapidly expand e-commerce sectors. Entrepreneurs that adopt early stand to make similar substantial gains to their Chinese counterparts, so it is expected that many will rush to join the easiest platform for reaching customers in the West.

Prior to this, sellers operating from a country not included on Amazon’s approved list had to work through subsidiaries in eligible countries. This meant that accessing the marketplace was far more expensive and labour intensive, but now very few countries are still excluded, most of which are under heavy sanctions.

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