Trademarks and patents

AVASK can help you to protect your intellectual property and provide your business with advice and support on copyrighting work, applying for trademarks, design rights and patents.



A Copyright protects the author of a piece of work, regardless of whether it is typographic, musical, dramatic (e.g. theatrical, TV or film), literary or artistic.

It is an automatic international right that allows the author of a piece of work to assert their rights and take legal action against anyone who plagiarises or infringes their work. You can protect your work further by registering your work.


A Trademark can be registered to protect your business' intellectual property, for example: product names, a company slogan, a design or a symbol, a logo or even a jingle.

You need to apply for a trademark - it is not an automatically assigned right. You will also need to register your trademark in each country where you wish to protect your intellectual property, e.g. UK, USA, Japan. 

Design Rights

Design rights are also very important to consider, especially for e-commerce sellers. Design rights protect the look of your product, including the packaging.

You can register the appearance of your product, its shape, the packaging, patterns, colours and decoration associated with it. Like patents and trademarks, you need to register your design rights in each country where you wish to protect your work.


Patenting an invention, a machine, a new working part or a product, a new tool or a type of medicine is a way to assert your rights over your intellectual property.

Registering a patent can be a tricky and long process, and it is something granted by individual country states (e.g. UK, USA, Japan and so on). Patents are expensive to get, so it is important that you get professional advice before you start.

Why should I register?

Registering a patent, trademark or the design rights for your intellectual property will discourage others from using your ideas, products and designs without your permission.

It will also provide you with the ability to assert your rights as the owner of a patent or trademark should anyone use it without permission.

At AVASK, we have helped countless e-commerce sellers to internationally protect their products, packaging and ideas from un-authorised use, and we can help you to protect your business' interests in the long-term as well.

AVASK can help to support your business with Trademark applications
Trading throughout the world means you may need patent and trademark protection overseas
Where should I register?

Patents and trademarks are territorial, so it is important that you obtain protection in the marketplaces where you trade.

There are international treaties in place, which will allow you to link your trademarks together, based upon a UK registration.

AVASK can advise you on which territories you need to register your patents and trademarks in. Our experts will be on hand to answer questions and support you throughout the application process to provide you with peach-of-mind and ensure that your intellectual property is correctly registered and protected.

How we can help:

AVASK can support your patent and trademark applications. Our team of experts will diligently track the course of your applications, providing you with regular updates throughout the process. We will also deal with the following on your behalf:

  • Clearance searches
  • Brand investigation reports
  • Preparation and drafting of applications
  • Completion and submission of e-form applications
  • Liaising with UK & EU IPO regarding any queries
  • Responding to any issues arising from the application process
  • Dealing with objections raised from third parties
  • Receipt and forwarding of registration certificate(s)