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Global expansion and marketplace diversification a must for your business strategy and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Expanding your business throughout America may seem a distant concept, but with the support and knowledge of the AVASK team, you can expand effortlessly into America and beyond.

Expand into the US: What could the US have in store for you?

Did you know that the US e-commerce marketplace is set to top $908 billion in 2022? Additionally, it is interesting to note that Amazon is by far the most influential online marketplace in the US, generating a third of the total online revenue. However, you should not rule out alternative online marketplaces when developing your expansion strategy…

AVASK are an international consultancy and business advisory firm, equipped with a well-reputed specialism in indirect taxation. AVASK are experts in the e-commerce industry and will be there beside you from formation, right through to selling. We have a dedicated team located in New York who can walk you through all areas of US Sales tax, and bookkeeping as well as offer you world-class service in all areas.

AVASK offer a variety of services relating to tax and accounting. Tax and accounting laws are different in America to Europe. Each state holds different tax laws, which may be overwhelming to tackle alone, so why not let AVASK guide you through each stage efficiently, providing hassle free financial expertise.

If you are looking to expand into the US, AVASK can provide dedicated Accounting Services, Business Formation Support, Sales Tax Registration and Filing, Business and Personal Tax Return Preparation, Seller Financial advice, and IRS Tax investigations.

AVASK is proud to be part of the Amazon SPN and have worked in partnership with Amazon for over eight years.  The partnership allows AVASK to support you across all areas of business, from VAT registration to international shipping. We are equipped with the skills to help you get the most out of your e-commerce business.

How can AVASK make your expansion seamless?

Our trusted team of financial experts will assist from the very beginning of your expansion journey. AVASK is on hand to guide you through the formation of your business, assessing the liability and tax requirements needed and even providing advice on the business entity which works best for you; all while ensuring that your business is operating in a way that will ensure your success when it comes to scaling to exit.

AVASK has offices in over eight countries and are experts in transatlantic consultancy. No matter the time zone or business commitments that you have, AVASK will work with you to suit your needs and provide cost-effective solutions. With your growth at the heart of what we do, always.

Consider our core business principles. Professionalism, customer passion, forward-thinking, and delivering the highest of standards are all required. Each member of the AVASK team embodies these values and ensures that you receive them in your service

AVASK are one-stop shop for building a successful business: with unrivalled support and advice along the way. Through every aspect of business operation, including Sales Tax filing, bookkeeping, payroll and insurance reports, seller financial advice, and tax returns, AVASK provides client-centric services at no extra charge. Any questions or concerns you may have will be dealt with in a timely and consistent manner by your dedicated account manager.

Expand into the US with AVASK! Start your expansion journey today!

Make marketplace diversification part of your core business strategy.


UK & EU marketplaces compared to the global e-commerce marketplace.
Source: Statista 2022

It’s not just expansion into the US that AVASK can offer, we provide expert consultancy and advisory services in global expansion. Collectively AVASK professionals speak upwards of 30 languages, allowing them to assist you in a language which is most comfortable to you.

Our services include but are not limited to:

UK/EU VAT registration, filing and compliance

UK/EU MOSS, OSS,IOSS and EPR registration and filing

Customs and Trade services

UK/EU Company Incorporations

UK/EU Accounting services

VAT Advisory and Tax Audit and Investigations

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you to grow, get in touch today

We are pleased to be able to offer you FREE one-on-one Global Expansion Consultation with an AVASK expert. You will be entitled to a no obligation, 30-minute call where you can let us know your business aspirations and goals. Your dedicated specialist will reveal compliance tips and tricks, as well as handy advice on how to ensure you are ready to expand.

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If you have any questions about the requirements to sell in the US, please contact AVASK today. You can also telephone us on: +44 (0)23 8060 0120 | +1 (213) 256 0537 or email: enquiries@avaskgroup.com.