Task Delegation: 3 Fail-Proof Tips to Scale Your Business

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We asked our partners at VAA to tell us their top tips on how to scale an e-commerce brand, read below to see what they said!

How do you effectively and sustainably scale your business?

Not all businesses succeed. Let’s face it.

In the world of e-commerce nowadays, how do you rank amongst the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of competitors? Just because your products are selling well now doesn’t mean you are going to soar up forever. Nobody is guaranteed a sure win. If you want it that much, you have to work for it. And working for it doesn’t mean getting moving 24/7 until you drop.

So how do you effectively and sustainably scale your business? The first step is to acknowledge that you can’t do it all alone.

You’re no superhero.

Sometimes, you feel so motivated that you think you could do almost anything yourself. It’s nice to have this mindset because it directs your focus to your goal. However, it’s not actually practical. When you think you’ve accomplished so many things in one day, you’ve actually slowed your business’ progress down by trying to do everything on your own.

The hustle culture has got to stop.

While the world appreciates your drive for success, it wouldn’t help you when you burn out. Part of working smart is taking executive tasks that only you have the skills and competence to do. Delegate the rest to your team members. Remember, nobody succeeds alone.

Common Misconceptions of Task Delegation

One of the most common reasons why leaders don’t delegate is that they think they can do the job quicker and better than the people they have yet to teach. They don’t trust that others can deliver satisfactory outputs. They can’t see the urgency of delegating because they’re just doing fine with the way things are.

What they don’t realize is that there are people who are good at their jobs whom they can seek help from. They can’t see the long-term positive effects of delegating.

Why delegate tasks?

The main reason for delegating tasks is to lessen the workload. However, it gives you more benefits than that.

If there’s a task that needs technical knowledge, you don’t have to learn that field yourself. You can find experts in that area to do it for you. It’s not only time-saving, but also practical.

Moreover, delegating tasks empowers your team and helps them develop new skill sets. When you have different departments, you’ll know you have a group of skilled people specifically dedicated to work on certain areas.

So, instead of trying to do everything on your own, you can actually scale your business.

TIP #1: Determine which tasks should be delegated.

The most common struggle among leaders in delegating tasks is determining which ones should be delegated. There are tasks which only you can do, and there are those which you can pass on to other people.

Delegable tasks can be:


Tedious tasks are those that don’t require much analysis and skill. A perfect example is copying information from your marketing information tool and pasting it to your CRM.


Routinary tasks are those that are necessary in your day-to-day transactions. They are repetitive by nature.


Time-consuming tasks may be broken down into sub-tasks. It would be more efficient if many people are working on it.

Too Technical

If the task is too technical that you can’t guarantee a top-quality work if you do it yourself, you better let somebody who possesses the required expertise to handle that job.

Some tasks can be tedious, or routinary, or time-consuming, or too technical for an executive to handle. If you want to maximize your company’s resources, you have to learn to let go of these kinds of tasks and let better-suited people handle them for you.

TIP #2: Choose the most competent person for that job.

One of the fears when delegating is for the person you chose to turn out to be actually bad at the job. That’s why companies go through a rigid hiring process to select only the best and the most qualified for the role.

But in the fast-moving world of e-commerce, not everyone has the time and resources to conduct a thorough recruitment process. This reality pushed companies to outsource their labor. So now, all you have to do is find a reputable company that can offer you highly competent workers.

Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA) can give you exactly that—and more!

VAA specializes in locating, screening, training, and supporting proficient Virtual Assistants to match your needs as a seller.

The company has earned a reputation of providing sellers with highly skilled and committed Virtual Assistants. If you’re aiming for efficiency with little to no supervision, you can rely on the credibility of the company’s Virtual Assistants.

TIP #3: Provide training and resources.

Engaging the services of Virtual Assistants comes with providing them with adequate instruction and resources.

While VAA selects them for their capabilities and puts them through extensive training to match your needs, you will still need to orient them properly with the specifics of the tasks you’re delegating to them. But don’t worry. Your time and resources will be worth it. These Virtual Assistants will make your day-to-day work lighter and allow you to scale your business.

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