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Keep track of your financials with AVASK. Our dedicated e-commerce accounting services are designed to keep you fully apprised of any financial related accouting, bookkeeping and tax matters.
E-commerce business financial planning

AVASK operates throughout the United States. If you are operating an e-commerce business within the US, AVASK can assist you with all aspects of seller financials and reporting requirements that your e-commerce business may require.

Bookkeeping and taxes in the USA can be incredibly complex matters, with rules and laws that vary from State to State and County to County. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), AVASK have over 10 years' experience assisting e-commerce sellers with issues such as general ledger and taxes.

AVASK can also help you to establish whether you have triggered a Nexus in a State, requiring you to register for Sales Tax. Our significant experience will ensure that your business is well-prepared for conducting business within the USA.

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Nexus - what is it and have I triggered it?

First things first, what is Nexus? Simply put, Nexus defines the level of connection between a seller or an entity (your e-commerce business) and the taxing jurisdiction (the State, e.g. California). The three most common Nexus scenarios that e-commerce sellers come up against are:

Nexus and your e-commerce business

Nexus can be a tricky subject to master, and it may not immediately be clear if you have triggered a Nexus. For example, you may achieve a physical Nexus selling through your website, before selling on Amazon, when you will have achieved marketplace Nexus. For the sales you made before joining Amazon, you will need to register and file Sales Tax returns up until the time when Amazon starts collecting and remitting on your behalf.

This is why it is so important to consult with an e-commerce accountant who is also a CPA. AVASK can support your business at every step of the way, ensuring that you remain compliant for all tax matters. Our e-commerce accounting and bookkeeping services will assist you in making sound financial decisions that are truly reflective of your business' current financial position.

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